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With the insights gained from exploration, we build and direct inventor teams to the generation of high value, well-reasoned, novel solutions.  Our process with proliferation, then review and triage, and finally refinement of the most valuable solutions.

Customized expert invention teams on demand


We build the most appropriate team, which may include our inventors, our clients, and sometimes external experts.  Our facilitated sessions aim to create as many new ideas as possible. 

Refining high value solutions with expert invention methodology


Taking each of the initial concepts through a rigorous process of review to triage and focus on the highest value solutions.  These are then subjected to our iterative invention methodology to thoroughly develop each invention into a well-defined solution.

Packaging IP and product strategies


Selecting the most desirable inventions, we work to develop the best IP and product strategies. 

The goal is to be as prolific as possible to thoroughly expand the solution space.

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