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To understand how a solution works, implementation begins with designing and constructing prototypes.  We employ a rapid iteration methodology to measure costs against risk and further refine solutions in preparation for product development.

Qualifying invention through rapid prototyping


Our tools and techniques are employed for rapid development of prototypes to begin the process of qualifying the invention.

Prototype testing


Benchmarking against a specification, prototypes are tested for performance to understand whether they are suitable candidates for further development. 

Prototype refinement and rapid optimization


The proof of concept process helps us refine the invention, build new prototypes, and continue testing.  This results in rapid optimization of the quality and functionality of the invention.

Deliver the product development roadmap


Once a fully prototyped invention demonstrates desired functionality, we'll deliver the product development roadmap, optionally with ongoing support throughout the development cycle, through commercialization.

The goal is rapid prototyping in preparation for product development.

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