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We analyze the key needs of our clients and their customers in the context of the entire innovation landscape.  By identifying the technical, market and intellectual property gaps between what is sought and what exists, we identify valuable innovation opportunities.

Analyze the problem definition and hurdles to a solution


Engaging with the client and key points in their value chain, we explore the problem or opportunity presented.  We analyze whether the problem is properly defined and what hurdles there have been to a solution.

Identify the technological, IP and market landscape


The technological landscape helps identify emerging solutions or enabling tools. 

Similarly, IP analysis helps to understand what solutions may be further in the development pipeline. 

Market landscapes give us an understanding

of the existing solutions.

Define the gaps to identify opportunities and strategies


Identifying the gaps between what is sought and what is available clearly defines what needs to be packaged and invented. 

More than a technical specification, this opportunity identification includes the technical, market and IP gaps for new invention, as well as strategies for acquisition of enabling solutions or platforms.

The goal is to identify valuable innovation opportunities.

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