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An innovation consultancy delivering ingeniously creative solutions



Explore the innnovaton landscape and identify gaps

Identify valuable innovation opportunities.

Inventing novel solutions through ideation and refinement

Ideate, refine and package patentable solutions.

Rapid prototyping by building, testing and further iteration

Construct, test, iterate and deliver prototypes and products.

Connecting innovators, identifying opportunities and providing a masterfully designed platform to drive prolific invention.



Keon partners with you to develop smart solutions to complex problems. 

Difficult challenges require more than incremental improvements. The Keon Research process is an aligned approach to create, validate and deliver value-driven solutions for our partners.  Our unique combination of invention analytics, prolific team of inventors, and in- house rapid prototyping lab delivers profound solutions with clean IP, robust proof of principle data packages, and clear go-to-market strategies.

  • Uncover innovation gaps

  • Apply proven invention process

  • Unlock groundbreaking solutions

  • Capture client-owned IP tied to commercialization strategies

  • Seamlessly translate ideas to product development

  • Stay agile and deliver value


We are passionate, applied thinkers; a team of creative, analytical and focused minds with deep experience solving a wide range of industry challenges.  Our talent pool of people cover biology, chemistry, physics, materials, devices, engineering, IP management and commercialization.

Michael Manion PhD MBA

Michael Manion PhD MBA

CEO & Co-Founder Driven to solve compelling challenges through invention together with deep aptitude bringing new technologies to market including international experience founding and directing technology ventures and non-profit organizations.

Heather Kelley BS

Heather Kelley BS

Co-Founder & Director of Operations Experience in biotechnology, start-ups, marketing and technology commercialization. Support business development and operations for Keon Research, with interests in business efficiency solutions and streamlined platforms.

Mathieu L Larretche PhD

Mathieu L Larretche PhD

Lead Scientist Researcher with a strong passion for technological innovation and challenges. Background in chemical engineering, with expertise in water treatment processes and membrane filtration technology.

Nichlas Brown BS

Nichlas Brown BS

Research Associate Research Associate with a background in materials science and engineering who cultivates passions in mechanical design, microcontrollers, and additive manufacturing.

Zack Scholl PhD

Zack Scholl PhD

Scientist Passionate about finding evidence-based solutions to complex problems. Background in biophysics, with expertise in software, electronics, and molecular biology.

Director of Inspiration

Director of Inspiration

Zane Welker BS

Zane Welker BS

Research Analyst Applied physicist pursuing an MS in the field. Previous experience with mechanical work in commercial fishing. Interests include radio astronomy, optics, magnonics, and putting theory into practice.

Dennis Runyan BS

Dennis Runyan BS

Research Associate Biomedical engineer with research and product development experience in wearables and bio-integrated electronics. Experienced herpetologist, horticulturist, and vintage electronics repairman.



We partner with clients to identify, create and realize growth opportunities through innovation. 

track record

case studies

Xinova: Invention consulting

Seattle, WA

Xinova is the leading managed open innovation provider having established a global innovation community to address innovation needs across a variety of industries.  Keon works closely with the Xinova team to bring the inventor perspective to partner engagements. Keon has been involved with many aspects of Xinova’s business from analytics and innovation consulting, prolifically responding to ‘Requests for Invention’, to prototype development and proof of concept studies.  Xinova has acquired more than 50 inventions from Keon.

Click here for case study on Sweat Monitoring

Meat & Livestock Australia: Cow Tattoo

Sydney, Australia

The industry has been trying to solve the dark cutting meat problem by treating the meat, using blooming agents and dyes, but it continues to be a huge value detractor for the industry.  Our exploration identified the underlying problem of animal stress as the opportunity for real improvement.  We invented and prototyped physiologically responsive tattoos to provide a visual cue of different health monitors especially of importance for production animals.

Case study on Cow Tattoo 

Fortune 50 Food and Beverage Company: Non-thermal Pasteurization

New York, NY

UV is a viable approach for reducing microbial load, however to penetrate into opaque solution, the dose is prohibitively high.  Through a combination of physics and nanotechnology approaches, we invented a UV-based system that requires much lower dose of light to deliver significant kill effect in an opaque solution such as juice. We have built this to bench scale and are currently planning scale up to pilot.

Case study on Non-thermal Pasteurization

Global Good Fund/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Fecal Sludge Dewatering

Seattle, WA

We invented an entirely new approach to sludge dewatering that allows for continuous, low energy, robust dewatering without the need for flocculation or any increase in the footprint of the system.  The system is simple to use and requires minimal maintenance.  We have designed a bench scale system to demonstrate proof of concept.

Case study on Fecal Sludge Dewatering

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